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5 Tips for Getting Epic Wedding Photos

Do you daydream about the gorgeous wedding photo that you’ll be able to hang on the walls of your home? Wedding photos that you’ll be able to show your friends and family as they come visit or a constant reminder of the best day ever?

It takes more than just a great wedding photographer to create moments you want to showcase for loved ones to see. Doesn’t matter if it’s a wonderful random candid moment or a beautifully sculpted work of art. It’s a cooperation between you, your partner and the photographer to craft and capture these images.

Check out these 5 tips for getting the Epic Wedding Photos you deserve!

Invest in a great photographer.

A wedding budget can definitely be a factor but of all the places you might cut costs, photography should not be one of them. Long after that wedding, the flowers will have wilted, the cake has been eaten, dress is stored away – the photos are all you’ll have left to remember the day.

Every one has friend with a camera, and I get that. But do realize these moments happen only once. A photograph is a literal moment frozen in time, it’s mind blowing. Sure you can save a little bit of money with them, but you’ll be left with photos that won’t properly or artistically tell your wedding day story. You deserve better. ❤️

My wife and I had my a family member photograph our wedding in 2007. Weddings were not really their forte and while I appreciated what they did for us and the images they captured. Looking back I do wish we would have invested in wedding photography. We still love our images of course, it was our wedding. ? But knowing what we know now, and the types of moments and images possible, I sometimes do wonder what that would have looked like and what others moments happened throughout the day.

Be sure to take the time and find the perfect photographer for you. Find out what kind of style you enjoy, You deserve to have a professional who not only will capture and craft amazing imagery but someone who you’ll enjoy spending the day with.

Here are some of the most popular styles wedding photographers shoot:

I am able to capture various types and styles of wedding photography. My goal is to find out what kind of mood and vibe you two want. If you like to just be entirely candid, perfect! Want some artistic creations? I got you! No matter what, I am here for you.

If you’d like to see more about the different types of photography, you can read our blog on that here.


Focus on the love of your life.

A lot of people feel uncomfortable in front of the camera, but of course they still want wedding photos they’ll love! The best thing you can do is focus on your soon-to-be-spouse and remember what the day is all about. If you spend too much time thinking about posing and the positioning of your body, you’ll feel and look awkward. Just focus on your partner, and your body language—and smiles—will be perfectly natural.

Literally all you have to do, is be in love and enjoy the day!


Ensure you have plenty of time for photos.

When we’re creating those epic wedding photos, it doesn’t happen in just a few seconds. You’ll want to want to make sure we go over the entire timeline of your wedding day and carve out a nice chunk of time needed for couples portraits. This goes double if you’re wanting to wander away from the venue to find different scenery.

Having a first look (seeing one another before the ceremony) can really open up your timeline allow you more time with one another, more portraits and overall a less stressful experience in the day.

Be sure to book your photographer for as long as possible. SO many things happen through out the day. The amount of candid moments in the morning and all the amazingly fun photos during the reception! Chat about your timeline and plan for what images matter more to you to figure out how much time you’ll need.


Typically during the reception, we’ll try and step out for a few to capture some epic night photos. If we have a gorgeous sunset, we’ll use it, otherwise we’ll figure something out that’s a reflection of you two. Plus, stepping away from all your guests can give you a chance to relax and enjoy the moment.


Take the light into consideration.

When it comes time to plan for the ceremony starting time, think about the time of day and what the light is going to look like. For example, afternoon light can cause shadowing under the eye and often gives an unflattering light. While evening light has that golden glow that everyone—including photographers—love. But there’s a limited window to taking advantage of “golden hour” before the sun sets.

If you’re having an indoor ceremony, try to see what it’ll look like during the time of day you choose. You can even check around the same time a year before your wedding to see where the Sun is going to sit, if you want to get REALLY into that.

Be sure to talk to your photographer about when the light will be best for photos and try to schedule your portraits around that time if you can. And if your schedule for the day doesn’t leave room for evening photos, consider booking a post-wedding shoot to get additional photos in the light you want.

Epic wedding photos can also be candid

When the lighting is just right and the moment is perfect, candids really just shine through. A professional photographer just knows how to prepare themselves to be ready for when those moments might happen.

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Trust your photographer—and give it your all.

Sometimes it might seem weird when we’re setting up shots, but I swear, there’s a method to the madness! Haha! Trust in your photographer’s ideas and just enjoy yourself.

By taking time to choose the right photographer and trusting their ideas and skills, as well as relaxing and having fun in front of the camera, you can get epic wedding photos to remember the day you married your best friend!

To see what it’s like to work with us and more information about our wedding process, check out more of the website. 

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