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Creating Your Wedding Day Moodboard with Pinterest

Pinterest, The One Site to Brainstorm it All

You’re recently engaged and it’s time to plan the wedding.

Holy crap do I love Pinterest… Seriously… It’s amazing for planning, researching, compiling ideas and of course my favorite, wasting ungoldy amount of time doing all of that… Lol.

Using Pinterest you’ll be able to get so many ideas of what you want throughout your entire wedding day. From makeup artist ideas, centerpieces, dresses, games, decorations, and of course, wedding photography! So before you visit Google and search – wedding photographers near me – take a look around Pinterest for a few ideas on what kind of photos you’re into

Using Pinterest to Find the Wedding Photographer You Want and Deserve!

Do you prefer more natural images? Portraits? Light & Airy? Creative lighting? Photo journalistic? A mood board will help you visualize what kind of wedding day images you love and want for yourself. Not in the sense of duplicating but more the feel, emotion, style, lighting, edit, etc. so that you know what you’re looking for. This will help you find the right photographer for you as well as you can show it to your photographer so they know what you’re wanting more out of your day.

Want to know the different types of photography?

If you’re not a person who wants a ton of posed images but you prefer more candid photos, that will show in your mood board.

So what exactly IS a Mood Board?

A mood board is something you will want to create on Pinterest. Here you can “Pin” what inspires you or what you’re interested in as far as how you may want your images to look and feel. It’s just another tool that will help you realize the kind of style you love and appreciate with wedding photography. It’ll also give a great insight for your photographer for the best way to approach your wedding day so that we can capture and craft the best imagery possible for you.

A mood board is NOT a shot list. It’s not exact shots you want duplicated. A shot list is a detailed list of images of the ‘must-have” shots. These kinds of check lists are highly discouraged as it can really hinder the creativity and mindset of your wedding photographer. The purpose of a mood board is for your to search and find the wedding photography style you love. From there you’ll be able to find the right photographer for you and let them know you love their “moody” or “creatively lit” or “light & airy” images.

Trying to exactly re-create the image is also not what we are trying to do but pull inspiration from it. The mood, lighting, pose, techniques, etc. is what we’re drawing from to try and be inspired with that mindset for your wedding day. Recreating any image is very unlikely and will prevent fun and authenticity within your wedding day imagery that we really want. The wedding photographer should be inspired by you and not trying to copy a shot.

How to Create a Moodboard for Photography

  1. Visit Pinterest and create an account of sign into your current one.
  2. You will Create your Board and title it “Wedding Moodboard”, you will want to make it Public.
  3. Visit your Pinterest board and add images you like from them. Be sure to leave some details as to why you like the image (mood, lighting, pose, candid, etc).
  4. Feel free to add a few others from around the internet with a detail description.
  5. When you’re done, send the public URL to Westley Leon Studios
  6. Now that we have your moodboard, we will keep that for our consultation before the wedding day to get inspired by what inspires you.

Remember, it’s NOT a shot list but rather a way for you to figure out what kind of wedding photography styles you love so that when you search – wedding photographer near me – you’ll know what to search for.

What makes a great Moodboard?

  • There are a few things that can make for an ideal moodboard and better inform us.
  • On average, two dozen (24) images or so is more than enough.
  • This is NOT a wedding day shot list, it is what gives us a bit of insight on what you love to look at and what inspires you.
  • Leave details on each image as to why you like it or what brings your joy.
  • Feel free to include shots and images from your wedding venue as well if you’d

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