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Elopement VS Micro Wedding VS Minimony

A South Bend Wedding Photographer’s Perspective on These Types of Weddings

What defines any one of them, the Elopement, the Minimony (Mini Ceremony) or the Micro Wedding?

Here are a few ideas on what each of these types of weddings mean and which one would be right for you.

1. Size Matters…

The guest list size, that is. The more people you invite, the more people you have can change what kind of an event it is. The best part is being able to choose the core people within your life that matter. Quality over quantity.

2. Here or There? Near or Far?

The benefit of having any one of these weddings is it allows you to choose a more unique, different, sentimental or just a dream location for your wedding. An intimate micro wedding with friends and family, you could easily rent out your favorite local fancy restaurant or an epic mansion house with a property on AirBNB for the evening and celebrate there, or even at your childhood home.

You could stay local or travel the world! It really depends on what you want for your wedding day and the size of the guest list.

3. The Elopement

Usually the guest count is often just you two, maybe a couple of people, and your photographer. This is the one where you just get away from it all, make a trip out of and make it unique. You could even go directly into the Honeymoon with an Elopement.


If you’ve ever wanted to just get hitched in a distance place, this would be the wedding for you. Fly to Las Vegas for a quick wedding? How about an intimate beach wedding? Bahamas? The options of what you want to do are plentiful!


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4. The Minimony

The difference with a mini ceremony aka The Minimony, is the size, length of the event and meaning it has for you. It allows you to just have a short and sweet ceremony with very close friends and family. Perfect if you want to have a short traditional or spiritual ceremony, with a quick post-wedding celebration with your closest loved ones.


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5. Micro Wedding

A micro wedding typically can average 15 – 50 guests. It’s a bit of the in between of an Elopement and a bigger more traditional wedding. This allows you to focus on the finer details while still fulfilling the large size vibe with out the extra costs and people you perhaps were just inviting, “because”.

This is just a guide to help give an idea to what your wedding might be “labeled” as, but you can call it whatever you want and celebrate exactly HOW you want! That’s the huge benefit of any one of these. It helps keep this day about you two.

If you’re needing a photographer for your wedding day, you can chat with me via the contact form below, I’d love to chat!

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