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Top 5 Reasons to Have a Photo Booth at Your Wedding

Photo booths are not just a trend; they’re a wedding staple. Our booth has been all over our stomping ground of South Bend Indiana, Chicago, Grand Rapids and more. They offer a unique way to capture the fun and excitement of your special day, complementing the essential work of your wedding photographer. While your photographer focuses on those must-have shots, following your journey through the day, a photo booth steps in to snap those spontaneous, joy-filled moments of your guests.

As a professional in wedding photography, I’ve seen firsthand the magic a photo booth brings to a wedding. It’s fascinating – some guests who might shy away from a photographer’s lens are often the first to strike a pose in the photo booth. It’s a space where they feel free to be themselves, to don goofy props you might bring, and to create memories that last a lifetime.



Here’s our Top 5 Reason to have a Photo Booth at your Wedding

1. It’s a fun way to keep your guests entertained.


Entertaining guests during the wedding day is something a lot of couples think about. You can do games, activities, cocktail hour, etc. A Photo Booth is a great solution for entertainment. It allows everyone let loose and take a fun selfie with the people you enjoy. Plus they can text or email themselves a copy of the photos for a keepsake.

It’s a great thing to have during the downtime after the ceremony as well as throughout the reception. Once the ceremony is over usually there’s family photos, portraits and you might want to take a moment to step away. The Photo Booth will keep them occupied long enough to avoid any grumpiness between your “I do” and dinner. 

south bend Photo Booth for a wedding  

2. Everybody gets a keepsake

With our photo booth using a professional DSLR camera, really makes for some fun and even stunning keepsakes for your guests. They’re making memories as well, so it’s great for you and them. Your guests and email or text themselves a copy of their images to themselves right from the booth.

Every image captured at the photo booth will also be in your online gallery. This will allow you to see every wonderful and hilarious moment that comes out of these images.

south bend Photo Booth for a wedding


3. Photos are the perfect Guest Favors


Photo booth images are a great party favor for your guests. They’re able to take the photo they want and have it texted directly to them. You’ve given them the gift of a professional quality photo they can have forever!

You’ll have a lot of great photos from your wedding photographer, but they won’t include every single guest and the photo booth allows your guests to leave with a great photo of them looking great!

Plus you can often fit a LOT of people in front of the camera (pending the room size).

south bend Photo Booth for a wedding

4. From children to grandma, it’s for everyone


Everyone loves the photo booth and it’s easy for anyone to use. It allows the kids a chance to burn off some energy, goof off and just have their own fun before the reception gets started. Weddings can sometimes be boring for kids and the photo booth really gives them something to do.

Another great thing about the wedding day photo booth is it also gives the adults a chance to be a little more kid-like. They too can make goofy faces and be entertained by the pretty lights.

Sometimes I like to call the booth, “The Babysitter”. This applies to children and tipsy guests alike.

(we might even hop in a shot or two, lol)

south bend Photo Booth for a wedding


*If you’d like to have props or signs – we always encourage bringing your own as they’re not included due to cleaning and sanitation (often they get destroyed after each use). This way our couples can find the right props online at like Amazon or even their local Party City.


5. Ever lasting memories 


The great thing is after the wedding, you will have a copy of every single image that you can cherish or laugh at. You and everyone else can download, share or even order prints directly from your online gallery!

During a wedding there are hundreds if not thousands of moments happening all around us. The photo booth is just another thing to make sure as many moments as possible are captured on your wedding day.

There are always other friend groups, family cliques and others that might want their own family photo. They’re able to do that with a professional photo booth.



If you have more questions or want to chat about our Photo Booth. Feel free to visit the contact page.

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