They have one chance to get this right.

These are the pictures you're going to display on your walls to look at as constant reminders. The ones you're going to post on Facebook for everyone to see (that pop up every year in your memories). Most importantly, these images are the ones you're going to get designed into a kick ass album to show your grandkids one day. You're investing into something that you're going to have forever.

So what do you want to have in 30 years? I think that you need to not only have amazing images that show what an awesome time you (and everyone else) had on your wedding day, but you need to display the ever-loving-shit out of them. When you're eighty years old, are you going to show your grandkids your USB drive? 🤷‍♂️ ...  I didn't think so. 😍

Unforgettable wedding memories start at just $3190.


but really think about what you're paying for when you hire a wedding photographer



This is where we get together and chat! I want to get to know you two as a couple, what makes you both unique, your story and to learn about your wedding day!
Either by phone or in person, whatever is best for you.


engagement session

i want to bring out what's uniquely you - your spot, your hangout, your niche, your hood...let's go there and tell your unique story. The goal is to get rid of that fear of being in front of the camera and just be you as a couple, and get to know each other in the process. This gets you warmed up for all the wedding day goodness and you have some awesome photos of the two of you to show off as an added bonus.

the wedding

A short time before the wedding we will all get together and craft a custom wedding day timeline. This will help pull back a lot of the pressures of the wedding as well as help us plan for it all. With the timeline complete all that’s left is for you to ENJOY your wedding day, we’ll capture all those amazing authentic moments and help you craft a few as well. 

the big reveal

The wedding has been edited and you’re jumping like crazy to see them. REVEAL TIME! Here is where we get together, relax with some drinks and light snacks and let you see all of your gorgeous wedding day images! Remember those Christmas morning feelings you got as a kid? Yeah, it’s like that but you share it with your best friend, it’s awesome! 

Once you’re done reviewing all of your epic wedding day imagery, we can help walk you through your album design and wall art selections. These heirlooms are what will help you hold onto these memories and keep them fresh every day for generations to come.

design and order


Who knows what technology will bring, but you know what's held up since the 1900's? Prints. Albums. Tangible things. It's like how your new computer doesn't even have a disc drive in it, but your grandma's wedding album from 1943? She still pulls that thing out every Christmas and it's still kicking, just like granny.

So yeah, you can have a USB of your images, but what if your next computer has no USB? Some day when we have actual hover boards and hell, maybe even hovering computers, I bet anything you're still going to see that wedding album at Christmas. Find out more about my printed products below.


Admiring your images on a screen is great and all but let's face it, you need to HOLD that shit!

These are your bread and butter as it’s the first heirloom item you’ll get once you’re married. When you’re wanting to remember your wedding day story, show off the wedding to your friends or even 40 years from now when you pull out the album on Christmas to show your grandchildren, your heirloom album will be there!


Hanging these on the walls are constant reminders about the love you have for each other. It’s also great because when the both of you are having a frustrating day because someone is being an ass, you can look up at that wall and go “Oh yeah, I love the crap out of them!” and get back to the smooches. 


If you’re wanting a more rustic look for your wall art, try our Woodprints. Your images will be imbued into premium cuts of Radiata Pine imported from New Zealand providing the perfect medium for beautiful images to last a lifetime.



Do you have an assistant and/or a second photographer?

I typically will have an assistant, it’s rare that I do not. You can addon a second photographer you'd like. I'd highly recommend adding a secondary photographer if you have over 150 guests and/or multiple locations. This could be can happen if the couple are getting ready in totally different locations and possibly not seeing each other before walking down the aisle. 

Do I need a second shooter for the wedding day?

Really it's up to you, your wedding day timeline and day of logistics to know if you'll require a second shooter. We can sit down together and chat about your day and figure that out together.

Do I get to keep the printing rights to all the images?

You sure do! When I am finished with a wedding I try to deliver quality over quantity which is roughly 700 - 1000 images, just depends on the wedding day schedule of events. Once all those images are delivered, you'll be able to print your photos for your personal use all you'd like. 

Do you edit and/or touch up all your photos?

Every image that we provide will be edited. The edits are things such as color corrections, exposure (brightness), color tones and contrast. This is just part of what gives my photography its "look & feel".  

Can you Photoshop something out for me? (scars, relatives, item in the background)

We certainly can do that for you at your request. Anything beyond a normal edit (as mentioned above) and/or touch up will require an additional fee that will be discussed per image.

Do we get every image you take on our wedding day?

Honestly, you don't want every image we take. I go through the thousands upon thousands of images I take every wedding and try to get them in the ballpark of 700 - 1000, which is still a damn good amount of images. I also want to make sure you have plenty of imagery to tell your day but just the better ones.

Do you photograph the rehearsal dinner?

If you would like us to attend the rehearsal dinner, and we’re available, we sure can for an additional fee.

Do you help me plan out the wedding day timeline?

YES! I like to work together with my couples on their timeline. If you already have a wedding planner involved I still like to go over the timeline. A wedding timeline is a must as it will help keep a scheduled flow for the day so that it can run as smoothly as possible.

For a FREE wedding day timeline that you can use, follow the link to my Google Doc, here.

Can my family member and/or friend photograph the day alongside of you?

Let me ask you this, mind if I showed up to your job with my cousin and went "Hey, they're just going to follow you around all day and do what you do but not as well..." 😂

Joking aside and not to disrespect that person but I would prefer not to. There is a lot to think about and do on a wedding day. From the timeline to creative thinking to making sure you're having a great time! I just don't want to have to worry about creative differences or people getting in the way think they're helping.

If they'd like to learn I'd be happy to possibly offer some mentoring.

Do you suggest doing a first look for our wedding day?

I would highly recommend you doing a first look as it allows for the flow of the day to run much more efficiently as well as you will have more time for photos early on. Of course it is not mandatory but it really clears up the day and grants you freedom to enjoy it all

Do you do family formals?

Why yes we do. Wedding day formal photos are one tradition that we always recommend doing. It’s not often that many people that love and care about you will all be in the same room. As time goes on these chances become fewer and fewer. Let’s be sure to document that moment where everyone came together for you.



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