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How to Prepare for Your Engagement Photos

 WOOT! You’re getting MARRIED!!

The check list of “things to do” when it comes to having a wedding might seem like a lot, but there’s some really fun things on it, and one of them is without a doubt your engagement session. Take this chance to have photos taken of you that represent who you two are and all that gorgeous love you have for one another.

I totally get that as exciting as your engagement session will be, it can also make couples a bit nervous. Being in front of the camera isn’t always everyone’s thing. Some do get a little nervous about what they should do, wear and react to their photo session.

Have no fear! We put together this handy guide to help you feel completely prepared for your engagement session. It’s just a few thing to think about when preparing for your engagement session.


What to wear?

The most often asked questions I get for engagement photos is “What should I wear?” Whether you’re picking outfits from your array of outfits you already have or decide to buy something new, make sure it’s YOU. Wear whatever you’d like but I would advise to stray away from bright colors (neon especially) and heavy or flashy patterns. I’d also advise against logos or heavily branded outfits, but that’s just me.

Dressing in layers not only can look great but it can also give you more possibilities. It can really help give you a variety of images without having to switch outfits all the time. If you need help deciding what to wear, message me! We could even do a Video Chat and go through your closet together! I’m here for you.


Get all dolled up

Looking for the perfect excuse to visit your favorite hair stylist, makeup artist, and nail person? Well, here you go! Give yourself that extra boost of confidence by getting a mini makeover. Looking good, feeling good! You’ll be feeling like a model in no time, haha! Think of it like a fun date night with a side of awesome photos.

If it’s your first time with the hair & makeup team, really find out what kind of looks you enjoy and what will work best for you. Using the engagement session might not be the best time for a trial just because if you don’t love their results, you might not enjoy the photos as much. So really touch base with your styling team on finding your desired look.

Would highly recommend Makeup by Keria and Tiaras & Veils Hair Artistry. We have a studio in South Bend and the HMUA team can even come on location, you’ll love them!

downtown south bend engagement session, South Bend Indiana, engagement photography

Being comfortable is key

Dressing up for the photos is always great but keep the location in mind. If there’s going to be a lot of walking, prepare for that. Have that pair of gorgeous shoes that basically murder your feet but look amazing in photos? Perfect! Let’s figure out the time and place before hand, that way you can change into that outfit when we get there.

Bring only what you need and if you need to, bring a small carry bag for anything else. Having a good flow to the session is key in having a good time.

st Joseph michigan, engagement session, tiscornia park, engagement photography, outdoor, in the rain

Posing is not a problem

I will help guide you through the entire process and help with any posing as well as expressions. The goal is for you to feel comfortable, natural and be candid. You don’t want to look like it’s forced or you’re uncomfortable. The candid moments are where it’s at! If you want a dramatically lit and posed piece of artwork for you wall, we will totally help you with that.

Just breathe, trust your photographer and focus on your fiancé. The emotions, smiles and good times will come naturally and that’s what we’re really after.

Valparaiso Indiana engagement session

Polish that ring

We try to make sure to get at least a couple of images of that new ring! So if you can, be sure to stop by a local jeweler to have the ring polished up to look its best.

st Joseph michigan, engagement session, tiscornia park, engagement photography, outdoor, in the rain 

Got a furry friend you want in the photos?

Do you have a little fur-child that you love to little bits? That’s great! Absolutely include them in part of the session. We could either do an in-home lifestyle session or have them walk around with us for a bit. Be sure to have a friend come by and to corral your pet so we can still take photos of just the two of you.


Time, Location and Light

If there’s a spot you two just love, it’s a special location for you both, let us know! It could be where you proposed, had your first date, the place you met at, whatever it is! But if you aren’t all that sure on where you’d like to go for engagement photos, here’s a list of my Favorite Locations near Michiana area. That’s Southwest Michigan and Northern Indiana for those who don’t live around here, haha!

 [insert link to page of Favorite Locations]


Make a day out of it

Your engagement photos are all about the connection you and your partner share, so why not turn your session into a full day of romance? Have brunch at a favorite restaurant before your shoot or take time afterward to go out for dinner. Arrive at your location early and take a long stroll together. Spending time together before your session will put you in the right mood for your photos and help the photographer capture what makes the two of you so special as a couple.


If all else fails, do WTF you want to do!

You can literally do whatever it is you want to do! There is no “standard”, everything in this article is just a series of suggestions to inspire you. It is not telling you what you have to do. Just be in love, have fun and I’ll be there to capture it.

Trust your photographer

If you’re starting to feel especially nervous about your engagement session, remember that you hired a professional, and their job is to make you feel more comfortable and create images that you will love. They know how to pose you, how to get the most genuine smiles out of both of you, and how to frame, light, and edit your photos. So just relax and enjoy your day!


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