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Journeyman Distillery Wedding – Kailey and Phill

A few years back I randomly stumbled onto the beautifully rustic Journeyman’s Distillery and ever since I laid eyes on it, I have wanted to photographed a wedding there. Kailey & Phillip was kind enough to trust me with photographing their wedding and helped make that happen! Seriously, this place is a-freaking-mazing, you two are awesome!

The day started off with my assistant Mark & I heading to Affinity Salon in St Joe, Michigan. Kailey and the girls were all there getting their makeup done and hair stylized for the day. We were really digging the up-do they did as well as the placement of her accessories! She was glowing twice as bright when she stepped outside and was ready to get into that dress. Time to head to Three Oaks!

Arriving at Journeyman Distillery we got to meet their wonderful coordinator Jen from Posh Events who was amazing to work with. The entire day went so smoothly thanks to her and their team, who also did outstanding work on the decor & florals!

Jen was kind enough to show me where Phillip was and WOW was this place amazing. The Flat at Journeyman’s has such a unique and industrial vibe that there was seriously no bad location to photo in the entire place. My second shooter, Rick, was capturing Phillip and the groomsmen (new band name?) so I said a quick “HHEEEYYYY!!” to everyone and made my way to the bridal suite to check on Kailey.

Heading upstairs, surrounded by the warm and rustic feel that Journeyman’s provided, we stepped into the bridal suite. There sat Kailey, the Mothers as well as the bridesmaids, all of them applying their final touches. Kailey stepped behind the cover to put on her beautifully crafted wedding dress as her Mother and bridesmaids were waiting to see her. With a warning call she stepped out from behind her cover and everyone couldn’t help but stare in awe, she looked amazing. As things begin to settle down, Kailey prepares for her and Phill’s “first look”.

Having a first look allows you to take a moment for yourselves before the wedding and empty out those butterflies on your own time.

With Phillip’s back towards her, Kailey begins to walk towards her groom. You could watch as Phillip was listening for every single step that Kailey took. As she approached Phillip she tapped his shoulder to gain his attention. It didn’t take but a second for him to turn and lock eyes with his beautiful bride-to-be. After taking a few moments to enjoy each other’s embrace, we prepped for a few more photos and then on-to the ceremony.

The decor is set, the guests are seated and the aisle is beautifully lit over head to lead our bride to her groom… It’s time for them to get married! As Kailey made her way down the aisle they both were just absorbing these moments they’re experiencing knowing that they’ll never forget this. They said their “I do”s and with a kiss, they were wed!

We had a few more photos ?, formals and portraits to finish up with while all the guests enjoyed a wonderful cocktail hour with drinks and snacks. We always try to be mindful our of couple’s time. It’s their wedding day, not a stylized photo shoot for me, so we try to keep our photos somewhat quick. I want our couples to enjoy their cocktail hour too, they deserve it!

Now that all the guests were happy, enjoyed a bit of the photo booth, cured of their hAngriness and got a drink in their hand, it’s time for the reception… Cue the bridal party entrances.

Once the bridal party had gotten a chance to settle in, it’s time for speeches. There’s nothing like having some of the best people in your life give you some words of wisdom, their most fondest of memories or just roasting you in front of everyone you know. Phill & Kailey got to experience all of that and they loved every moment of it.

Speeches were given, cake had been cut and their first dances were beautiful. It was now that time to let the drinks flow and let the feet meet the dance floor. With the kickass musicians with Brena Band, they were easily able to keep that dance floor moving ?all-night-long?, to which they did.


To Phillip & Kailey,

I cannot thank you two enough for letting me not only get the chance to spend the day with you but capture one of the most important days in your lives together. It means the world to me and I wish nothing but the best for you two.



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