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Wedding at The Allure – Jennifer & Todd

The morning I arrived at The Allure in Laporte Indiana for Jennifer & Todd’s wedding, I got out of my car and appreciated the wonderful warming light falling around The Allure. While it may have been a tad bit windier early on, it faded away and allowed us to bring our bride outside all while she easily maintain her beautiful hair styling.

Walking to the main floor I find myself inside the beautiful and spacious bridal suite at The Allure. Jennifer got to relax and welcomed being pampered by Makeup By Keria and her very own sister (plus MOH) Danielle. They both did an amazing job as Jennifer couldn’t help but say she felt just like a princess.

Once we were able to capture her dress, getting ready and the details of her morning, I decided it was time to go meet up with Todd and see how him and his groomsmen were doing. Practicing music, steaming shirts and talking Star Wars… I’m cool with that. We photographed the stud that is Todd as him and his fellas were getting ready. Oh and maybe played with light sabers… But we’re adults… So they were NICE light sabers. 😀

The moment everyone was done getting dressed it was time for the first look. Having let Todd know where to go he made his way to the spot and awaited his bride. Jennifer was so excited walking up behind him… The look of happiness on her face and anticipation on his, our groom turns around and what happens is priceless.

With those moments now captured forever we move to photograph some portraits. Some formal, most not, the not so formal ones are always my personal favorite. Everyone knocked their portraits out of the park and the entire bridal party was a blast to hangout with. There is a lot of energy and care with their friendships and you’ll notice that instantly with these two. Ceremony time.

Pairs by pairs loved ones came walking, sometimes dancing, down the aisle towards Todd and his groomsmen. Shortly after everyone made their way down, our groom’s soon to-be-wife starting making a b-line toward Todd… The moment he laid eyes on here, he become overjoyed. Todd’s love for Jennifer is so freaking powerful that seeing Jen, again, made him well up with emotion, passion, and love. Their love is a force of its own. #iDO

Walking up those steps from the ceremony into The Allure’s grand ballroom with everything setup… It’s a-freaking-mazing… There were the beautiful floral arrangements, and center pieces carefully placed around the room and tables. Vivid and mood driven lighting & sound provided by the D.J and of course the uniqueness of the Allure. The bride and groom took a moment to soak it in, but only a moment as they would start prepping for their first dance soon.

The guests were seated and eagerly awaited the bridal party. With everyone’s attention to the stage, the bridal party emerged from behind the curtain to welcome and appreciate their guests, friends, and family. With a roar and applause from their guests, they made their way down and started with an open dance, bringing everyone together.


Jennifer & Todd. You two are some amazing people and I am very thankful I have gotten the chance to befriend you both. I cannot thank you enough for entrusting us to capture your wedding day and believe in me as well. I cannot wait to see what you two do in this life together.




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