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Love + Tube Suits + Hot Wings Challenge

Melody & Austin are not only two amazingly unique and wonderful people but they let me photograph one of the most unique engagement sessions I have ever photographed to date… When you find someone you can just be totally weird with, you know that’s love and they got a shit ton of it! <3

We started at Makeup by Keria’s studio where she went ahead and added a bit of a pop’n’glow for Melody’s photo shoot. From there we drove on over to a park by Kids Kingdom to start shooting the engagement session. These two were so easy to photograph with how they would gush and play with one another. A-freaking-doreable! Lol.

Once we got some photos of these #2NormalPeople we went ahead and had them jump into their Wacky Inflatable Arm Flailing Tubeman suits… Brings a tear to my eye, I really just love these two. With the Tubeman shenanigans now done, it was time to jump into some track suits and then an awesome limo provided by Platinum Limousine.

The limo pulls up to the front of Wings Etc. with Austin & Melody in the back awaiting to be unleashed for their challenge. The limo driver comes around to their side of the vehicle to open the door for Melody & Austin, the door cracks open and light shines upon our two destroyer of Hot Wings. They levitate out of their metal steed fearless as a honey badger. These two are ready to demolish this basket of beautifully prepared meaty fireballs of delicious destruction. *cue slow-mo entrance*


Really appreciate Joel from Commeuppence Network coming out and shooting video of this epic engagement session!

Big shout out to Wings ETC. on Ireland Road in South Bend Indiana for allowing us to do this session at their awesome establishment! We had a few boneless wings ourselves, always amazing! Thank you so much!


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