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7 Reasons Why Couples Choose a First Look

When you’re planning your wedding day, many couples think they can only see one another down the aisle for their first time. But more and more couples are actually switching up that old tradition and opting to go with a “First Look”. This is where you take time before the wedding to have an intimate moment between just the two of you (and your photo + video team)

With a first look you gain so many benefits to the day, your timeline as well as just enjoying each other more throughout the day. Plus more time for photos or just candidly hanging out!


Calming those nerves

Everyone gets the wedding day jitters, but that doesn’t mean you got cold feet! It’s normal, don’t worry. Typically though it’s because of the nerves of going down the aisle and having to wait all that time before you can see your partner. For many couples, the first look calms their nerves so much that they’re dang near ready to skip down that aisle. It really helps melt away the stress of a wedding day.

More portraits, done earlier

When looking at your timeline, you mat notice a huge chunk of your time after the ceremony is posed photos. Things like family photos, bridal party and of course, couples portraits. All during that time your guests will end up waiting an hour or more till they’ll be seated.

If you end up having a first look, a large amount of those photos will be taken care of earlier in the day. This means after the ceremony only some of those photos will need to be taken. That means you could either do more couple’s portraits or attend the cocktail hour with your friends and family.

You get to be in the moment

One thing I know to be true is that the wedding day goes by in a blur! First thing you’re getting ready and then all of a sudden, the DJ is playing closing time while people are cleaning up. This is why photography is so vital and why you really need to just take in every second of your big day. The first look allows you to slow down and spend more time with each other and to appreciate your relationship.

Those emotions will still be there

One worry that some couples get is that they won’t have nearly as much emotion during their walk. There will still be a ton of emotions, it’s just a part of the day. But with a first look, if you or your partner want to express themselves without fear of a crowd, that will be the best time to do so. Some people like to “toughen up” when down the aisle, the first look helps with letting people’s guards down.

All the natural light

Are you having a winter wedding? If you decide to have a later ceremony, we’re going to lose a lot of that natural light. When you do a first look, you’ll have more chances for photos. You never know what the weather, or lighting could look like after the ceremony. This gives you a chance for more images and moments on your wedding day.

Always at your best

Hair is styled, makeup is finished, you look amazing! No matter when you see each other, there’s always a chance for mascara to run. With a first look though, there’s a chance for a touch up right before you go into all of those photos. This gives you a chance to grab a ton of photos and have fun without feeling rushed and you’re still looking fresh.

It’s your day!

The wedding day is no one else day but you and your partners. No tradition, family or friend should dictate what you do on your big day. If you want to do a first look or not, make sure it’s up to you two. Choose what feels best for you both and your wedding day. Do what feels right for you both and no one else.

See you on the dance floor! 


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