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Top Ten Engagement Photo Locations near South Bend Indiana

Recently engaged and now looking for the perfect spot for your engagement session photos with a photographer? Here’s a list of my favorites and a little bit as to why I love them.

Downtown South Bend

South Bend has an almost infinite number of spots to take your engagement photos at. There are murals, eateries, events, art, it’s just full of possibilities to capture those beautiful moments between you and your partner. Whether it’s day or night, downtown South Bend engagement photos come out great!

Notre Dame Campus

You can’t really think about South Bend and not have Notre Dame coming up. The colors are amazing and there are so many iconic backdrops as well as plenty of hidden gems to take your engagement photos at.

Just to name a few, you’ve got the Golden Dome, Touchdown Jesus, God Quad, Duncan, The Grotto, Lakes, Football Stadium, the Halls, it’s almost limitless around campus! Pick a spot that means something to you and we’ll go there!

Wheelock Park

I literally had no idea this place existed but I am really loving all that it had to offer for Kate and Jake’s engagement session. There’s a cool bridge, loads of greenery and tons of gorgeous little paths and pockets of light to enjoy.

Garage Arcade Bar

This is probably one of my favorite spots to take photos at. They have drinks, food, retro games, ski ball… Just absolute perfect of a spot when it comes to a good time for your engagement session. Then, once you’re done there, you can head right outside and grab a few photos around town and of course the epic wall mural!

Potawatomi Conservatory

Whether you just being inside of the local conservatory or the outside weather isn’t playing nice, this place is such a great spot for photos. Greenery all around, no distractions from the outside world and just a nice change of pace.


Potawatomi Zoo

There’s so many great and random backdrops at the zoo, plus adorable animals and my favorite, the otters! You can walk around for like an hour and get so many great engagement photos.

Double Tree Atrium

Is the weather not being ideal? Oddly enough the Double Tree Atrium has some really unique spots inside as well as super amazingly soft light due to atrium windows.

Whiskey Exchange Bar

Want to stop for a quick drink? The Whiskey Exchange Bar is cozy, dark and great spot for some photos during your session. Just be sure to go at non-peak hours and ask to make sure it’s OK. They’re generally super awesome and accepting of you shooting there. Just be sure to tag them!

Local Fairgrounds

Is it that time of year for your local fairs and festivals to start popping up? These are seriously some amazing spots for your engagement photos. All the bright colors, things to do, cotton candy, prizes to win. It’s such a great time and will make your engagement session just a heck of a lot of fun!

Something uniquely you!

Maybe you want to do something TOTALLY different. An engagement session that you randomly thought up or have never seen before. Something like going to Wings ETC and completing the Wall of Flame challenge… You can literally do whatever you want during your engagement session. You do you, I’ll be there! Lol! You gotta watch the GIF below.


If you’re ready for your engagement photos and need a photographer, feel free to reach out and let’s chat! We can do a phone call, Zoom chat or even some drinks and tacos!

Chat with you soon.

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